Welcome to the New York Hereford Breeders Association

The NY Hereford Breeders Association is committed to serving Hereford breeders within New York State by promoting the production and consumption of Hereford beef universally, sponsoring state-wide activities, supporting youth activities, and publishing a directory of all the current members.

Futurity and Classic Show

Futurity Rules & Entry Form (update)

The future of breeding Registered Hereford Cattle in New York State has never been more exciting! As members of the NYHB, we embrace the future of this breed, and make a continual commitment to producing the type of cattle which will continue to provide genetic progress for the future of this breed.

The primary purpose of the Futurity is to encourage breeders to practice industry-driven management techniques. These practices include:

· Establishment of long-range herd improvement breeding goals
· Proper record keeping at breeding, calving and weaning
· Critical evaluation of the resulting offspring

Weaning Information
Weaning information is due to Ted Kriese on or before January 1, 2018,
accompanied by $20.00 per nomination and a copy of the animals
registration paper.

Breeding Nominations
Breeding nominations are due to Ted Kriese by January 1, 2018 accompanied
by $20.00 per nomination. The Dam must be owned by you at the time of

Questions call Ted Kriese at 315-455-2073.

Mail completed forms, check and copies of registration papers to:

Ted Kriese
130 Earl Ave
Mattydale, NY 13211

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